Sopa is dead ?! "we won the battle but not the war" - FBI want to kill next hosting

Today definitely we can say : SOPA IS DEAD! - for now - this is our victory but... "we won the battle, not the war" - this is not the end of internet censorship. In Europe ACTA is still alive - ACTA us we said is the same bullshit like SOPA but in Europe. In the next 3 days (26th january) my country (Poland) want to accept ACTA - everybody know what does it mean.
short movie about ACTA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=citzRjwk-sQ.

for now :
we vs censorship 1:0

Next info is : FBI WANT TO KILL NEXT HOSTING !! Uploaded.to don't work in USA. FBI still searching for owner (I LOLD !!!).



projector vs TV

hi ! what I should buy : Projector or TV ? I have 500 - 600 euro

What is better ? plz help me !


it will be for : Playing on PS3 and watching movies ;]


my epic kill in MW3 ;D

Today video ! My epic knife kill in MW3 !! :D I did it today !

what do you think about it? write in comment !



Yes this is true SOPA IS DEAD !

what is SOPA ? the worst thing to censored web, with this THING US Government can censored or better turn off website what they want ! now we are free !! ;] (for now ofcourse :) !


Crysis 2 - Titanic

Hi ! Some time ago I found it on youtube :

this is Titanic in CryEngine 3. I think it's look awesome :D


Skyrim - FUS RO DAH ! & Arrow in the knee

today no IT and nothing about me ;] today only funny things :)

I want you to show two funny movies from skyrim !


have fun ;]


Intel explained about fail on the CES 2012

Intel explained about fail on the CES 2012. If you didn't see this fail check this vid :

Intel want to show that new CPU(Ivy Bridge) don't have problems with DX11 but on the presentation they show not a game but a video from this game (F1 2011). After this accident on the web we can find comments about the new Intel processors have problem with DX11 (not supported). This is why Intel make a close conference for juornalist where they show new Ivy Bridge in action - yes, they don't have any problem with this game and fully supported DX11. So why they show a video, not a fully playable game ?? Intel said the presentation is made at the last moment and they want to avoid problems with game - not with processors. There is a prove about Ivy Bridge don't have any problems with DX 11 :

probably in this text it a lot of mistakse, if you find one (or two, or more ;] ) please write about it in comments !



Hi, today news from gaming world !

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be have DLC - WHAT A SUPRISE ! - it is mean we can see... omg... two extra 1337 camping.... MAPS ?! yes !! probably only 2 maps ! how much for this AWESOME DLC ? Let me guess... 10 $ ? this is why I hate DLC ... (and activision)

more info you can find here : (but there is nothing to see...)

DLC release - 20 January 2012

If I make a mistake write about it in comments


Post about IT - Radeon 7970

Hi, yeah today I will write something about IT, Today - Radeon 7970

Everybody who want Radeon 7970 from today can buy it !

unfortunately a lot of Radeon cooling is reference cooling so it mean only one - will be HOT !
reference cooling mean slow too, every Radeon 7970 with reference cooling is setup on default tacts : 925 MHz for GPU and 5,5 GHz for 3 GB of GDDR5 RAM memory. Every modell include two outputs of DisplayPort, one HDMI and one DVI. How much we must pay for this beauty ? 1000 $ ? 2000 $ ? Even more ? NO !! IT'S ONLY 550$ !!

photos :
Asus Radeon HD 7970

Club3D ...

Gigabyte (the same... )

The best on the end :) all this card above is reference card but XFX create special BLACK EDITION with non-reference cooling! u know what it's mean ? COLD & FAST ! XFX overclocked GPU from 925 MHz to 1000 MHz and overclocked memory from 5,5 GHz to 5,7 GHz !! How much ? only 600$


If I make a mistake write about it in comments !


next post about my New Year resolutions

Hi, this is my next post about my New Year resolutions. Why now ? Because last time I think about it and now I know what to do. So, what I have to do in New Year ?

- buy Logitech G27 (400-450 $)
- buy ASG pistol (300 $)
- overhaul my room (400 $)

for now that's all :)

R ask me : "what kind of sports do you do ?"
answer : Football, ASG, E-sport ;] (E-sport mean Counter Strike: Source) and Texas Holdem Poker :)

If I make a mistake write about it in comments ! :)


Today about music !

Ok, so you ask exactly what music I listen, ok, I will show you some songs what I like :

This is what I like ! What music you like ? write about it in comments !

OK, now about me, some people ask me where I'm from. I'm from Poland (central Europe), near Germany :) (No, I don't come from Russia)

Luckyjoe ask me : "How about Country and Western music? Do you ever listen to that?"
my answer : at home I don't listen Country music, but I like this kind of music - I have friend who like this type of music and when he drive car sometimes we listen country music :)

please for next question :) If I MAKE a mistake (thx Forge Fitness :) ) please write about it in comments !


thanks for help and ...

Hi, and next post is here ! Big thanks for everybody who help me ! please, don't stop it ! every comment help me !

if you have any question to me - ask ! don't be shame, your question help me to write next post.

Last time user speakers4u ask me a question : " How long have you been playing CSS for?"

so here is an answer: I play 6 years only in CS:S

last time I didn't write anything about music - I like EVERYTHING ! I don't care what type is it... I like Rock, I like RAP, I like techno... :D

for now that's all ;) please comments !


next post :) something more about me :)

OK, so now I will write something more about me :)

my favorite car : Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
favorite game : Counter Strike Source
favorite movie : Star Wars

New Year resolution :

Buy Counter Strike Source server - 20 euro per month
Buy Notebook - 500 - 750 euro
Improve my english - 0 euro per month (;])

If I do some mistakes plz write about it in comments it will help me :) thanks :)


My first post :)

Hi, my first post on blog :) Why I create blog ? because I want to improve my english skill, yes this is my New Year decision :) if I made some mistakes please write about it in comments :) ok so something about me:

I'm come from Poland - not big not small country ;] I'm interesting in IT especially in Hardware (Processors, Graphic Cards ), in free time I play Counter Strike Source, Sometimes Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.

What else ? hmm... Maybe I will write more about me and IT in next post :)

Haters gonna hate ;]]