next post about my New Year resolutions

Hi, this is my next post about my New Year resolutions. Why now ? Because last time I think about it and now I know what to do. So, what I have to do in New Year ?

- buy Logitech G27 (400-450 $)
- buy ASG pistol (300 $)
- overhaul my room (400 $)

for now that's all :)

R ask me : "what kind of sports do you do ?"
answer : Football, ASG, E-sport ;] (E-sport mean Counter Strike: Source) and Texas Holdem Poker :)

If I make a mistake write about it in comments ! :)


  1. Thanks for the nice answer, Logitech G27 is great!

  2. Got no real new year's resolution. Just gonna try to have a lot of fun!

  3. Your english is very readable! Just want you to know that. :)

  4. only mistake I saw is "...last time I think", that must be "lats time I THOUGHT...", because it's in the past ;)

    but my english isn't perfect too, so I may be wrong :P

  5. Vulcan Raven - yeah this is true, thx :)

  6. Error I found that hasn't been mentioned yet:

    "So, what DO I have to do in THE New Year?"

    Otherwise pretty good.

  7. I prefer Starcraft 2 myself. Though never competitively. Have you ever played in any large or small tournaments? How did you do?