next post :) something more about me :)

OK, so now I will write something more about me :)

my favorite car : Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
favorite game : Counter Strike Source
favorite movie : Star Wars

New Year resolution :

Buy Counter Strike Source server - 20 euro per month
Buy Notebook - 500 - 750 euro
Improve my english - 0 euro per month (;])

If I do some mistakes plz write about it in comments it will help me :) thanks :)


  1. The new GTR 2012 is where it's at! ;)

  2. There's no mistake I think...

  3. i kinda like the r33 more, but i sure would take a r34 if i could :l

  4. Great post and spelling if you really want to be perfect in the first line instead of I will you could have said I'll. Doesn't matter though lol

  5. Interesting resolutions!

  6. Your English seems fine to me...

  7. How long have you been playing CSS for?

  8. I think a great start is to get rid of the " :) " emoticons. As well as always using full words like "please" instead of "plz".

    Instead of saying, write something about me, use myself. Now I will write something about myself.

    Great choice for a car by the way. Though I prefer Lancia Stratos.

  9. "if i make some mistakes" instead of "if i do some mistakes"

    Thats the only thing i thought seemed out of place man, but good luck on the NYR! Your english already seems to be great

    Comment me back

  10. Your English is fine but since you insist on us pointing out your flaws, I'd say that the word resolution should be replaced with resolutions as there are more than one resolution.

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